Monkey-Eater and John Whitehead's Ark

Research exposition, children's workshop
Gasworks, London/UK.

Pithecophaga jefferyi was discovered by
the English explorer and naturalist John
Whitehead on Samar/Philippines, in 1896.
The eagle was named after John's father,
Jeffrey Whitehead, a London stockbroker.
The first specimen of the Philippine
'monkey‐eating' eagle is currently part
of the vast birdskin collection of the
Natural History Museum at Tring.

In his field‐notes, Whitehead writes
that 100 of his Philippine bird specimens
en route to London were lost when the
steamer S.S. Weiland caught fire in
Singapore. He diligently returned to
Mindoro from Manila to collect specimens
all over again.

What would Whitehead's Ark look like?

Mica Cabildo's page at Gasworks London.

Events cancelled due to COVID-19.

Specimens are from the birdskin collection
of Natural History Museum at Tring.